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Key Facts

Crow Wing County pregnancy rate ranks in the top 15 of 87 counties in the State of Minnesota for 18-19 year olds (MN Dept. of Health).

In Crow Wing county it is estimated that over 3,100 are in need of publicly funded contraception.

The MN Family Investment Program (MFIP) provides food and cash assistance to families living in poverty. In 2015, adolescent births accounted for 48% of MFIP dollars spent in Crow Wing County (University of Minnesota Healthy Youth Development Prevention Research Center).

The teen birth rate for 18-19 year olds in Crow Wing County is more than twice the Minnesota state average: 57.5/1000 females compared to 28/1000 females (MN Dept of Health).

Did you Know?

WeARE advocates for the support of adolescent parents, we believe that family planning is a necessary and cost effective prevention.

79% of adults believe teens should receive more information about abstinence and birth control and sexually transmitted infection (STI) protection.

The federal Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program (TPPP) and the federal Personal Responsibility Education Program (PREP) provide funding for programs that are proven to help teens delay sex, improve contraceptive use, and/or prevent pregnancy.

Title X program provides free or low-cost birth control to people making $30,000 a year or less who who cannot otherwise afford it.

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