WeARE is committed to providing complete, accurate, factual, and developmentally appropriate information on human sexuality topics ranging from puberty to abstinence to contraception. 


There are both male and female condoms. If used correctly every time, they can reduce the risk of sexually transmitted infections (STIs), protect against other diseases that may be transmitted through sex like Zika and Ebola, and prevent pregnancy.

WeARE The Clinic is always stocked with free condoms of all kinds. Stop by to grab one (or more) today.

Birth Control

Clicking the image above will direct you to an interactive birth control explorer to learn about all your birth control options. Search by hormone free, most effective and sexually transmitted infection (STI) prevention.

WeARE The Clinic provides all the popular types of birth control. Make an appointment to get your birth control by calling 218.454.1546 or texting 218.838.6280.

Emergency Contraception

Emergency contraception is a way to prevent pregnancy after unprotected sex. Often called the morning-after pill, emergency contraception pills (ECPs) are hormone pills that women can take after having unprotected sex.

Emergency Contraception is now available without a prescription for people of all ages. WeARE The Clinic is always stocked with ECPs for you when you need them.

STI Testing

Do you know how to identify if you have an STI? Are you curious about prevention, testing and treatments. You are not alone. More than half of the nation’s STIs are experienced by young people ages 15-24.

Learn how to protect yourself from STIs and get tested at WeARE The Clinic. Walk in or make an appointment by calling 218.454.1546 or texting 218.838.6280.

Online Educational Resources

AMAZE and AMAZE Jr. features animated sex ed videos that make it less awkward to talk about all things sex. It's perfect for parents, educators, and everyone else who finds themselves learning about reproductive health.

Sex Ed Rescue, a website and blog run by Cath Hakanson, empowers parents to talk to their kids about love, sex, relationships, and growing up openly and honestly through online education and parent resources. 

Sexplanations is sexedutainment for the universe hosted by Dr. Lindsey Doe, a doctor of human sexuality and clinical sexologist. The channel provides shame-free, comprehensive sex education videos for all ages.

The Safe Zone Project is a free online resource providing curricula, activities, and other resources for educators and learners who are hoping to explore sexuality, gender, and LGBTQ+ education on their own.

Gender is one of those things everyone thinks they understand, but don’t. Click the image above to discover gender identify, gender expression, attraction, and biological sex with The Genderbread Person.

Sexuality and Disability helps answer questions a person with a disability might have about their body, sex, being in an intimate relationship, unvoiced fears, or experiences of encountering abuse in some form.




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