WeARE committed to providing complete, accurate, factual, and developmentally appropriate information on human sexuality topics ranging from puberty to abstinence to contraception. Our monthly education series for at-risk youth began in 2015. The SxTalks series brings professionals from across the state and the city and also local professionals to cover important reproductive health topics.


SxTalks Topics

  • Birth Control
  • Contraception
  • Condoms
  • Consent 101
  • Healthy Relationships
  • HIV
  • HPV
  • Pregnancy
  • Sex Trafficking
  • Sexting
  • STDs vs STIs

In partnership with The Shop, WeARE provides SxTalks to at-risk youth from the Brainerd Lakes Area. The Shop is a nonprofit organization committed to supporting youth in the BLA by providing community support as they transition into independence and adulthood. You can learn more about The Shop at their website

SxTalks Schedule

  • 9/11 – Healthy Relationships
  • 10/9 – Birth Control
  • 11/13 – STIs
  • 12/11 – Holiday Event
  • 1/8 – TBD
  • 2/12 – Consent
  • 3/11 – TBD
  • 4/8 – TBD
  • 5/15 – WeARE Clinic Tour

Support SxTalks

SxTalk education sessions are conducted by trained healthcare professionals or visiting community organizations. A question about the monthly topic is included during each program, and participants are rewarded for a written answer. This program is structured to provide accurate information about sexual health, as well as monetary incentives for participation, a meal, and the structure of healthy groupd dynamics for at-risk youth in the community. SxTalk programming provides education for 25-30 youth each month during the school year.

This program costs WeARE about $1000 each year, and we are committed to providing it. If you would like to donate specifically to this program, please do so using the form.




The Clinic

424 James St. Ste 2, Brainerd, MN


Clinic Hours

Mon, Tue, Thur

Schedule Appt

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Text: 218.838.6280